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Hi, my name is Matias and I've been making joomla websites since 2007, although I made my first webpage in the late 90s. A few years ago I discovered the Jamstack architecture and was fascinated to be able to recover the simplicity and security that only a static webs can offer but without sacrificing the "dynamic" content. I love making user-focused and simple websites with accessibility and inclusive design.

Static Sites Generators

The Static Sites Generators make possible that the entire dynamic part of a website to take place outside the server, allowing you to create ready-to-serve websites that can be deployed to any hosting service. There are many SSGs, but my favorite is 11ty. See static sites.

Content Management System

As I mentioned I've worked with joomla for many years. Although I prefer to make statics websites, currently I still build some CMS's based websites due the claim of my clients. See CMS sites.

Graphic Design

During my college days I worked as a graphic designer. I don't consider myself a professional designer, but over many years I have created countless flyers, posters, roll-ups, logos, etc. I currently use these skills as a complement to the web projects I carry out.


You can read some of my writings on my personal blog. Want a little more? You can read the novel I wrote for my undergraduate work at Master of Fine Arts in Writing. I have also worked as a journalist for many years.

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